Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 and Happy New Year - Back to Blogging!

Well, Happy New Year and it's 2018! I went through 2017 without activity in my blog! That's awful. I find I am now missing writing a bit, so I will try to update or redesign my blogs.

What did I do with 2017? I crafted, walked, and studied. I became more active in my Catholic church and paper crafting - mainly Artist Trading Cards and greeting cards. Yes, I do a lot of swapping with others, but I also try to remember all my family and friends with handmade cards for birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, etc. It's been fun, but quite expensive! I started this new hobby last January and am too embarrassed to share what I have spent! Let's just say I spent the year building my collection of tools, stamps, dies, ink, paper, embellishments, and items to help me organize it all. I'm not complaining because I have loved it. I am just to a point where I have enough and do not need to buy too much more at this point, except adhesives, dimensionals, and some new blending markers. Of course, Stampin' Up (the paper crafting company I normally buy from) is coming out with some new things, as they do often to keep customers spending the dough. Willpower Niecy! You have plenty for now.

I will post many of my projects and maybe a few tutorials after I redesign my blog. It needs a face lift!

As far as Bible study, I really enjoy learning with the added fellowship. I have to admit that this takes me away from my reading for entertainment, which I've missed. I have to figure out how to handle my studies, keep up with my crafting and television programs, and still find time to read. I really must do that.

As far as walking, I took up this activity quite a while ago, as you can read about in older posts of this blog. It is the best exercise for me to keep up with. I started 2018 with an early morning 5K and beginning a 30 day plank challenge. I am feeling good about this. I am doing planks to help strengthen my core, which helps some of my back aches and pains. It's not difficult right now, but will get harder along the way. That's what makes it work, I suppose.

I still attend Weight Watchers' meetings and work to keep my weight under control. I've done pretty well with that. I still have a little to lose until I reach my goal (yes, it's been slow), but I am definitely successful with consistency and keeping lost weight off. For me, that is victory! It is no longer about weight or the way I look, to be perfectly honest. That's all important to me, but so is health. I am trying to stay in a place where I can live with my chronic disease, but still live an active, happy life. That has taken on huge importance for me as I am not ready to die or become an invalid. Let's just say, I am taking much better care of myself than I used to in my younger years. It's always better late than never!

That is it for today. I will be back. It feels good to be excited about writing and creating again. It really does.

Chao and be well!

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  1. Glad to see you back Niecy! I'm finally writing again too (both on my next novel, and on my blog). It feels amazing.

    It sounds like your 2018 is off to a great start. Cheers to an awesome year!


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